Finishing Cycle

Now that the plant is established and reaching maturity, it’s time to focus on sizing and production. Jackpot Plus is formulated to shift growth from the plant structure to the fruiting body. There are several factors contributing to this outcome: A balance of potassium and calcium assist in the translocation of plant sugars from the leaf blade to the seed/fruit body. Potassium activates an enzyme in the plant responsible for opening the sugar gates and moving sugar and nutrition between plant cells. The resulting extra energy is now more available to the seed/fruiting body. A type of carbon shuts down the excess nitrogen activity resulting in less leaf growth and more energy for production. Phosphate, carbon and kelp create a healthy root zone keeping the rhizoshere active, energizing the roots to absorb more nutrients and ward off disease. Because the finishing cycle requires tremendous energy a foliar application is recommended 30-60 days prior to harvest. The additional nutrients are readily absorbed providing optimum nutrition for the plant and insuring the highest quality yields

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