Soil Preparation/Planting Cycle

Wake up the soil early to full fertility. Applying Complete and/or Soil Infusion at the planting phase will re-establish and support healthy biological activity in the soil, designed to “jump start” early growth. The balance of nutrients and pre-biotics in these products are formulated to re-create the Soil Food Web balance. The result is a dynamic increase in pro-biotic activity, converting locked up minerals and fertilizers into available nutrients. The interaction of the Soil Food Web will warm the soil and improve flocculation, creating a supportive environment for germination and seedling development. This healthy soil will encourage early growth and vitality providing an ideal aerobiczone where roots can penetrate and establish with ease.

We also recommend Seed Treatment to prepare the seeds for planting. This product provides readily available nutrients or a healthy sprouting seed naturally protecting it from disease invasion. The powdery blend will easily coat the seeds, creating a dynamic environment for healthy germination and seedling development

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