Residue Management

It was recently discovered that undigested crop residue can be a large contributor to pathogenic disease. This can happen if there is undigested organic material (previous crop residue). The breakdown of this crop residue creates a tremendous demand for oxygen due to the intense activity of microorganisms. If the demand for oxygen exceeds its supply, the metabolic process falters and plant debris begins to rot and putrefy, allowing the anaerobic microbes to take over; such as Fusarium, Root Rot and others. To avoid this unhealthy situation we recommend Crop Recycle. This product is designed to re-create and stimulate the natural composting process, improving healthy residue digestion. The dynamic biological activity results in an increase of available plant nutrition and better soil texture. Old plant debris is recycled into available nutrients, saving money on inputs. The application rates are based on the amount of organic material left in the field

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