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Healthy roots make all the difference | Terra Biotics
Healthy roots make all the difference

by Terra Biotics Admin

Roots are your plants’ lifeline in many ways. If you grow in soil, roots securely ground your plants in the soil. In any grow setup, they’re how the plant takes nutrients into its stalk, stems and leaves. These nutrients are the building blocks of life. Without them, a plant cannot produce chlorophyll, grow or develop its flowers.

However, roots are more than nutrient straws.  Beneficial microbes and roots have a symbiotic relationship. They interact with each other and crops also benefit from the presence of beneficial bacteria and fungi. In addition to eating dead root matter and increasing root reach, beneficial microbes are hard at work in the root zone

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Premium Growth Kit Launch | Terra Biotics
Premium Growth Kit Launch

by Jared Elliott

Terra Biotics is excited to announce the launch of our Living Stone Organics - Premium Growth Kit. 

Get great growth, best blooms, and awesome flavor with this Organic Premium Growth Kit. Includes five key products that are designed for the varying needs during the different growth stages of your plants.

This takes the guess work out of which products you need so you can focus on growing and getting the best yields possible.


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