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Hemp/Other Plants

At different points within a plant’s life, the macro and micro nutrients as well as the soil biology requirements change for your growing plants.  During the seedling stage, build soil health and develop a strong root system.  During the growth stage focus on absorption of the nutrients and getting strong plant growth.  During the flowering and reproduction stage the plant requires a tremendous amount of energy, the right hormone balance, enough calcium and macro nutrients and not too much nitrogen.  Finally, in the finishing stage shift growth from the plant structure to the bud and activate enzymes in the plant responsible for opening the sugar gates and moving sugar and nutrition between plant cells. This final stage creates the best flavor.

 With our recommended growth plan achieve:

  • Healthier Soil 
  • Robust Root System 
  • Better Growth & Yield 
  • Fragrant Flower (great terpene profiles)
  • Great Flavor 

    Customer quotes: 

    David - Oregon  "I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled my plant out from the pot and the root ball was so massive!  

    Literally like a huge mop. I'm a believer now and will never change from Ultra-Bio Boost.  Love me some Terra Biotics!"

    Richard - Michigan  "No bullshit, I've tried everything since I started growing in 1971... Your products are the best period"

    Kevin - Oklahoma  "My roots at the grow grew about one inch when I looked today!
      Just a small mix of the product and the clones love it..."


    Below are our product line recommendations to optimize growth and the best buds possible.  These products were formulated specifically for cannabis nutrient requirements.

    Terra-PRO Line of products.  Super easy to use, water soluble powder.  One product for each stage of growth that includes all the NPK, micronutrients, amino acids, humic acids, fulvic acids, cold water kelp, mycorrhizae, saprophytic fungi, trichoderma, nutrient solubilizing bacteria and more

    • Nitro PRO - 10-3-9-4.5Ca          Veg / High Growth stage
    • Bloom PRO -  5-5-12-7.5Ca       Early flowering stage
    • BudMax PRO -  1.5-5-17-6.5Ca  Later flowering stage finisher to optimize your buds
    PRO-Line Feeding Chart



    PREMA Organic Line of products.  Great alternative to famous chemical salt-based product "pro" lines.  Easy to switch - same feeding charts but also includes root enhancing biology, humic, fulvic and even amino acids.  

    Water soluble powder.  Core, Grow & Flower formulas. 

    Includes all the NPK, micronutrients, amino acids, humic acids, fulvic acids, cold water kelp, mycorrhizae, saprophytic fungi, trichoderma, nutrient solubilizing bacteria and more

    • Organic CORE - 14-0-0-7.5Ca
    • Organic GROW - 2-6-20-5Ca      Growth stage
    • Organic Flower -  0-6-24-5Ca     Flowering stage

    PREMA Organic Line Feeding Chart


    Supplemental Products

    • Living Soil - premium mix of nutrients and biology spores in a mix formulated specifically for cannabis
    • Instant Compost Tea - mix with water and you have a great tea for your plants with biology and nutrients
    • Premium Coral Calcium (liquid) - more concentrated than the competition.  Source of Cal-Mag and micronutrients



    • Ultra-Bio Boost - Ultra- concentrated biology inoculant with mycorrhizae, Trichoderma, saprophytic fungi, dozens of bacterial strains that are specifically chosen to benefit your plant's root system and nutrient uptake.  Also includes amino acids, humic, fulvic and kelp


    New soluble organic bulk products!

    We are now the exclusive sales agents for high quality, 100% soluble OMRI Amino Acids (nitrogen), Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Seaweed Extract!

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