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Jackpot Plus 1-3-8-4Ca-2S



When the plant is established and reaching maturity, it's time to focus on sizing and production. Jackpot Plus is formulated to shift growth from the plant structure to the seed/fruit body. Phosphate, carbon, kelp and added biology keep the rhizosphere active, energizing the roots and protecting the plant from late season bacterial and fungal disease. Because the finishing cycle requires tremendous energy a foliar application is recommended 30 to 60 days prior to harvest. These available nutrients are readily absorbed insuring faster maturity and the highest quality yields.

Finish up with the JackPot to optimize your harvest with the most flavorful and larger fruits, vegetables, or crops.

How does it work?

Using Living Stone Organic Jackpot Plus Can:

  • Provide a carefully formulated balance of nutrients and biology for an optimum harvest
  • Cause faster maturing, uniform sizing and improved quality
  • Direct available energy(plant sugars) to transfer from leaves to fruiting body/seed
  • Create additional protection (allopathic and allosteric) from bacterial and fungal infections

What causes these actions?

Living Stone Organic Jackpot Pus provides a specific formulation of nutrients, Probiotics and Prebiotics to support the plant at the finishing stage. This formulation is carefully designed to ensure the highest quality harvest. There are several factors contributing to this outcome; a balance of Potassium and Calcium assist in the translocation of plant sugars from the leaf blade to the fruiting body/seed. Potassium activates an enzyme in the plant that responsible for opening the sugar gates and moves sugar and energy to the fruiting body/seed. A type of Prebiotic carbon assists in dealing with excess Nitrate Nitrogen, slowing vegetative growth. Phosphate, Carbon and Kelp create a healthy root zone, keeping the rhizosphere active, energizing the roots to absorb more plant food and warding off disease. The finishing cycle requires tremendous energy, absorption and production, which causes stress to the plant. At this critical time, the additional nutrients are readily absorbed trough the leaves and provide optimum nutrition to the plant, ensuring the highest quality production. Living Stone Organic Jackpot Plus directs more of the plant’s energy to the Seed/Fruit, creating more uniform sizing, faster maturation and better quality

What Causes These Actions?

Living Stone Organic Jackpot Plus utilizes a dynamic and balanced combination of carefully chosen Prebiotic compounds such as minerals and fertilizers that have naturally occurring Probiotics consisting of:

  • Cyanobacteria from blue green algae
  • Several strains of Beneficial Soil Bacteria from Prebiotic Compounds
  • A few strains of Saprophytic fungi from Prebiotic Compounds

Our unique Prebiotic delivery system, consisting of complex carbon compounds, Humic and Fulvic acid, proteins and carbohydrates, nourish the biology while it becomes established – allowing maximum sustainability; Probiotics consume in order to survive, grow and thrive; by providing the biology with this highly available food, it ensures the most dynamic result. Once the biology is established, the Saprophlic and Mycorrhizae fungi are supplied with the nutrition they need in order to thrive and restore soil health.

When do I use This Product?

Living Stone Organic Jackpot Plus is most effective when applied at dough stage of seed crops or 4 – 6 weeks before harvest.


*1.0 lb mixed with 10 -20 gallons of water makes a concentrate.  Contact us for more details and a feeding protocol for your specific crop and growing situation

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