K-35 Plus 0-0-35-4Ca-12S



Why Use This Product?
Using Living Stone Organic K 35 Plus can:

  • Provide natural biology from the Mined Organic mined ore
  • Protect the plants from weather stresses as heat and cold by regulating the respiration (stomata)
  • Facilitates the movement of plant sugars by activating the enzyme that regulates the sugar gates
  • Develops stock strength and eliminates lodging when you have a bumper crop

How does it work?
Living Stone Organic K-35 Plus has a high level of Organic Solution Grade Potassium that is supported by 10% Humates and other minerals Micronized to 500-600 mesh or 25 Microns. The Organic K-35 has Organic Carbon from
Carbohydrates, Fish powder and Amino Acids that makes the Potassium very available and leaf friendly. Has a small amount of Organic Calcium, Sulfur from sulfate, Silica and Boron from Unprocessed Powdered Norwegian Kelp that
strengthens the plant fiber. When used as directed this is a very user friendly product with, 1st Generation Laboratory Cultures that will make Organic K-35 Plus and other fertilizers locked up in the soil more available.

What causes these actions?
Living Stone Organic K-35 Plus utilizes a dynamic and balanced combination carefully chosen ores that have naturally
occurring strains of:

  • Cyanobacteria from blue green algae
  • A few stains of bacteria from Prebiotic compounds
  • Several strains of Saprophlic fungi from Vermeil compost (worm castings)

Living Stone Organic K-35 Plus is one of several Prebiotic materials, such as; organic mined Potassium that is processed using our unique Micro-Blending and Rhizobond Infusion process that combines Potassium, Soft Rock Phosphate, Sulfur and Organic Carbon to create a very available product at the root hair. The analysis is; 0-0-35-12S-4Ca with a trace of boron from the kelp

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