Premium Growth Kit

Five key products for optimum growth and flavor

Get great growth, best blooms, and awesome flavor with this Organic Premium Growth Kit. Includes five key products that are designed for the varying needs during the different growth stages of your plants.

- Soil Infusion gets the right biology into the soil so that your roots can become healthy and strong. This becomes the foundation.

- Use Nitro Booster to get the high growth levels you need.

-Use Bloom Plus as the blooms start to emerge to provide the optimum nutrients to focus on the blooms.

-Then switch to JackPot Plus to focus on the flavor of your fruits.

-Use Kelp Plus the entire time to provide plant growth hormones and naturally occurring root stimulants, auxins and cytokines which stimulate growth.

An organic feeding plan is available to show how much product to use at each stage of development to get awesome results


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