Organic GROW (PREMA Line) 2-5-20-4Ca

PREMA Organic Line of products.  Great alternative to famous chemical salt-based product "pro" lines.  Easy to switch - same feeding charts but also includes root enhancing biology, humic, fulvic and even amino acids.  

Water soluble powder.  Core, Grow & Flower formulas. 

Organic GROW - 2-5-20-4Ca is the Grow formula within this line of products.  Includes all the NPK, micronutrients, amino acids, humic acids, fulvic acids, cold water kelp, mycorrhizae, saprophytic fungi, trichoderma, nutrient solubilizing bacteria and more

12 grams mixed into 1 gallon of water.  Feed twice a week.  Adjust based on your plant's requirements

Use in combination with Organic Core and Organic Flower per the feeding chart


Type: PREMA Line

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