Why Healthy Soil is Necessary to Grow Bigger, and Healthier Crops

June 02, 2021

Why Healthy Soil is Necessary to Grow Bigger, and Healthier Crops - Terra Biotics

The world population is growing at an alarming rate. The surge in population implies that farmers and growers must increase their food production to feed the high population. One way of enhancing crop production is the use of fertilizers.

While chemical fertilizers can help farmers produce more in the short term, they cause an imbalance of nutrients in the soil and are less effective in the long run. Additionally, studies have confirmed that their continued use can be detrimental to the environment and human health. 

That said, farmers should reduce their overreliance on toxic fertilizers and capitalize on organic fertilizers to achieve healthy soil.

What is Healthy Soil?

Healthy soil features a perfect blend of the soil PH, sufficient levels of essential nutrients, and a large population of soil microorganisms. In other words, it is the soil that can support the healthy existence of humans, animals and plants. It is achieved through the application of organic inputs to the soil.

Why is Healthy Soil a Solution?

As mentioned above, healthy soil is very vital for the existence of humans, animals and plants. Below is a detailed discussion of the various benefits we can get from healthy soil.

Healthy Soil Supports Life

Healthy soil acts as a home for millions of microorganisms that help in aerating the soil and decomposing organic matter. Also, healthy soil provides nutrients to plants. And, the plants act as food for both humans and animals. As you can see, the soil is the source of all food that plants, animals and humans need to survive. It feeds the entire world.

Healthy Soil Helps Preserve The Environment

As mentioned above, soil hosts helpful bacteria that help in fixing nutrients but also protecting the environment. For instance, the decomposer bacteria in the soil convert ammonia from the dead animals and plants into nitrites and then to nitrogen.  

The nitrogen produced acts as a protein compound that supports plant development. Essentially, the whole nitrogen cycle helps in recycling natural waste, thus cleaning the environment.

The soil also provides anchorage to plants. The plants' roots, in turn, help in holding the soil tightly, thus reducing soil erosion.

Soil is a Reliable Source of Raw Materials

Animal feeds, dairy products, timber, clothes, wool, and other organic products originate from the soil. For instance, most of the clothes we tend to wear come from cotton, a healthy soil product.

How to Restore The Integrity of Soil

Now that you understand the benefits of healthy soil, the next step is to practice using organic fertilizers to realize these benefits. But, how will you ensure the integrity of your soil? How will you get optimal nutrients balance for healthy plants and maximum activity of the microbial systems?

Try Terra Biotics!

Our systems integrate organic fertilizer with beneficial soil microorganisms to restore your soil for optimal plant health. Our fertilizers are a system of interdependent food chains that facilitate the efficient breakdown of nutrients into forms that your plants can easily absorb.

Most manufacturers produce organic fertilizers based on the crop type, specialty formulation or even region. Additionally, some other companies' products contain the primary macronutrients found in the chemical counterparts and thus fail to factor their effect on the microbes in the soil. While others use
only soil bacteria to create their organic fertilizers, hence avoiding the necessary nutrients for plants growth. 

As mentioned earlier, our system ensures optimality of both plant nutrients and beneficial bacteria to effective growth and high production in plants. We also guide our customers on building the right soil biology for great growth results.

Our starter kit contains a Nitro Boost, Bloomplus and Jackpotplus and a guide on how you can apply them for the best results.  

It’s Time to Improve the Integrity of Your Soil

Terra Biotics is here to help farmers maximize their output using the safest means possible. And reduce cases of diseases related to toxic foods such as cancer and methemoglobinemia.

We’ve had great traction to date with a growing dedicated community of farmers and plant enthusiasts.

As we continue to grow, we are giving those that believe in soil health and Terra Biotics an opportunity to get involved in a new way.

We are offering the community a chance to invest in Terra Biotics through StartEngine! Invest today, for healthier soil tomorrow!

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