Bloom Plus 1-2-5-3Ca-2S - Terra Biotics

Bloom Plus 1-2-5-3Ca-2S


Maximize your blooms! This product is designed to be used in the reproductive stage of plant growth to prepare the plant to make the best blooms possible.  Provides beneficial bacteria for plants and mycorrhizae.

This product is designed to set and prevent blooms from aborting by temporarily tempering the nitrogen keeping the plant in the bloom stage until bloom is secure. The high level of calcium will penetrate the surface dermises very rapidly to assure a solid set. The addition of diverse 1st generation lab cultures is designed to create prophylactic barrier on the leaf surface, maximizing the plant’s potential.

Why Use This Product?

Using Living Stone Organic Bloom Set Plus can:

  • Provide an optimum balance of biology and nutrients at a critical stage
  • Protect blooms and ensure a viable seed set
  • Facilitate consistent nutritional requirements throughout the bloom stage, for viable set
  • Create additional protection from bacterial and fungal infections

How does it work?

A foliar application of Living Stone Organic Bloom Plus has a Guardian biology that protects the leaves from invading pathogenic microbes. The Spirulina (Cyanobacteria) assists in enhancing the Photosynthetic rate of plants. Will provide the plant with a balance of nutrition (especially Calcium and Boron) that will reduce abortion. Issues are caused by too much nitrogen from growth phase and the carbon compound in Bloom Plus temper its release and strengthens the calcium found at the bloom joint. Using Living Stone Organic Bloom Set Plus takes all of the guess work out of equation and provides the plant with optimum nutrition to ensure the highest quality and production.

What causes these actions?

Living Stone Organic Bloom Set Plus utilizes a dynamic and balanced combination of carefully selected Pre-biotic native ores and carbon compounds that have Native Biology and Minerals that support an dynamic Soil Food Web. The ingredients support the natural plant grow system at this very important stage of the plants development.

The Pro-biotic strains as follows;

  • A couple of strains of Cyanobacteria from Guardian and Blue green algae
  • Several strains of Beneficial Soil Bacteria from vermeil compost (worm Castings)
  • Strains of Saprophytic fungi from vermeil compost (worm) castings), native ore and carbon

Our unique Pre-biotic delivery system, consisting of complex carbon compounds, Humic or Fulvic acid, proteins and carbohydrates, nourish the biology while it becomes established in the soil and plant – allowing maximum sustainability.

Pro-biotics (biology) consume in order to survive, grow and thrive; by providing the right kind of Pro-biotics with this highly available food required during this sage of the plants development and ensues the most dynamic outcome. Once the biological system is activated and established, the Saprophlic and Mycorrhizae fungi are supplied with the nutrition they need in order to thrive and restore the soil and plants to ideal health.

When Do I Use This Product?

Living Stone Organic Bloom Plus is most effective when applied pre-bloom (bud break) through the blooming cycle. If there is more than one set multiple application are in order. If more than one is required, temper the amount of nitrogen added in between applications. Additions of carbon will often get the job done, Fish Alive is a great choice.


*0.5 to 1.0 lb mixed with 10 -20 gallons of water makes a concentrate

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