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Premium Cal 33 0-0-4-33Ca-4S


Super Cal-Mag Plus.  10 x stronger than other "Cal-Mag" products

Calcium, magnesium, trace elements and potassium in a carbon and kelp base. This product contains a generous amount of available calcium and magnesium in an optimum proportion. It has a balanced amount of potassium, silica and boron from the raw kelp. The ratio of calcium to magnesium is ideal. Bio cultures have been added to resolubilize the existing but unavailable calcium already in the soil, allowing these nutrients to be very available to the root hair and strengthening to the root frame. Calcium carbonate when bonded to organic carbon becomes very leaf friendly. This concentrated liquid is convenient to use and is suitable for fertigation, drip tape or foliar nutrient application.

*Application cost less than $6.00 per acre
*dilute 1 gallon concentrated liquid to 10-20 gallons of water


Call for quote 275 Gallons (Tote) 

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