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Ultra Humate



How does it work?

  • Living Stone Organics’ Ultra Humate contains; Soluble Humic and Fulvic Acid with; Worm casting, Spirulina and several other carbon compounds that make this a very dynamic combination
  • Will not settle, stratify and is easy to use and has over 70% Humic and Fulvic compounds.

The Humic Acid content is 60% and has an additional 30% carbon compounds. The soluble humic compounds have carbon chains called Benzene and Fulvic compounds have Furanose rings. The compounds have molecular rings containing 6-8 atoms. These atoms attract fertilizer elements and buffer them from sodium compounds. They do not chelate but act like a chelating agent. The Furanose, a sugar having an oxygen containing ring of 5 atoms that assist in oxidizing and disabling pathogenic anaerobes.

What causes these actions?

  • The organic reduction process using our unique Rhizo-Bond Micro-Blending Infusion Protocol.
  • Other complexed carbons are added to compliment this blend
  • The Soluble Humic, Fulvic and other Complexed carbons assist in stabilizing Fertilizer in root zone especially Nitrogen. Phosphorus and Potassium.
  • A Biota package and worm Casting are added to protect the root zone.

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