Nitro Booster 9-2-3-2Ca



Formulated for High Growth! 9-2-3-2ca plus biological package of beneficial soil bacteria, microbes, amino acids and mycorrhizae.

A dynamic balanced source of organic nitrogen. Derived from plant based amino acids, crab meal, fish meal, coral calcium, kelp and nitrifying carbon.  The coral calcium thickens the cell walls resulting in added plant strength even in harsh weather conditions. The soluble kelp increases root growth. Nitro Booster will fortify and increase plant development and may be used at any time during the growth cycle. Suitable for drip, fertigation and foliar application.  Helps build a healthy plant root system.

Provides beneficial bacteria for plants, microbes, amino acids and mycorrhizae to build robust living soil, allow the nutrients to become in a form the plant can absorb, help the roots become more effective at absorbing the right nutrients at the right time for the plant.

Type: Unknown Type

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