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Fish Alive 10-2-1



This product is designed to give the plant ample energy at this row support stage. The ingredients of micronized fish, crab and feather meal, fulvic acid, kelp, high energy carbon and nutrients combine to encourage dynamic growth. The additional ingredients of Nitrogen fixing and Soil Food Web biology all work together to provide dynamic results. One pound of Fish Alive will give more benefits than 2-3 gallons of simple liquid fish. Fish Alive provides an effective alternative to the high cost of using and transporting simple liquid fish.

Why Use this product?

  • Assists in providing a balance of biology and carbon for an optimum growing stage
  • Provides beneficial bacteria for plants, microbes, amino acids and mycorrhizae.
  • Causes faster release of available nitrogen for a successful row support
  • Encourages formation of a dense root mass for healthy plant growth
  • Creates allopathic and allosteric protection from bacterial and fungal diseases

How does it work?

Living Stone Organic Fish Alive is a dynamic formulation of high quality Pacific Ocean fish, Crab shell, Kelp, Spirulina, Amino Acids and Worm Castings. The addition of Nitrogen Fixing biology adds another dimension to this soil activating product. The added Prebiotic carbon provides nutrition for the newly activated biology. The result is a significant increase in available Nitrogen. The additional biological activity from the beneficial soil bacteria, microbes and mycorrhizae fungi works to release bound up fertilizers such as Phosphorus and Calcium and Moving Potassium to the root zone. This creates a beneficial aerobic zone in the soil where roots can penetrate with ease. The natural plant growth regulators found in our unique kelp blend encourage strong dense roots and increased plant growth.

What causes these actions?

A dynamic and balanced combination of carefully chosen Ores and Sub straight that contain the following strains consisting of Cyanobacteria: such as; Spirulina sp., Bacteria: Such as; Bacillus subtilis, Actinomyces. Nitrogen fixing bacteria: (that Convert Ammonia and nitrate into plant usable form) such as; Nitrosomonas, Azospirillium, Saprophytic Fungi: Solubilize Phosphate and Calcium such as; Cellulomonas sp., Penicillium sp., Protozoa: Such as Euglena sp., Endo Mycorrhizae fungi: Such as; Glomus clarum, G. aggregatum. Our unique Prebiotic delivery system consisting of complex carbon compounds. Humic acid and or Fulvic Acid, Proteins and carbohydrates. These mixtures nourish the Probiotic biology while it becomes established allowing maximum sustainability. Probiotics consume to survive, grow and thrive. By providing the biology with this highly available food it insures the most dynamic outcome. Once the biology is established the Saprophlic and Mycorrhizae fungi and are supplied with the nutrition they need in order to thrive and restore soil health.

What Does It Do?

  • Nitrogen fixing biology increases available Nitrogen supporting healthy plant growth.
  • Application of Terra Fish Alive will increase nutrient availability
  • Properly nourished plants have better vitality and disease resistance

*1.0 lb mixed with 10 -20 gallons of water makes a concentrate.  Contact us for more details and a feeding protocol for your specific crop and growing situation

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