BudMax PRO (PRO Line) 1.5-5-16-7Ca-2Mg


Maximize your Buds! The final step to optimizing your yield and output.

This product is designed to maximize bud yield, trichome production and terpenes. The high level of potassium and calcium combined with biologicals tailored to boost your buds to the max.

How does it work?

BudMax PRO utilizes a dynamic and balanced combination of carefully selected Pre-biotic native ores and carbon compounds that have Native Biology and Minerals that support a dynamic Soil Food Web and robust rhizosphere. The ingredients support the natural plant grow system at this very important stage of the plants development.

Our unique Pre-biotic delivery system, consisting of complex carbon compounds, Humic or Fulvic acid, amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates, nourish the biology while it becomes established in the root system and plant – allowing maximum sustainability.

Pro-biotics (biology) consume in order to survive, grow and thrive; by providing the right kind of Pro-biotics with this highly available food required during this stage of the plants development and ensues the most dynamic outcome. Once the biological system is activated and established, the Saprophytic and Mycorrhizae fungi are supplied with the nutrition they need in order to thrive.


 12 grams of water soluble powder per gallon of water.  Feed twice a week.  Adjust based on your specific grow set up and plant requirements.


Compatible with all growing media and hydro


Use with Nitro PRO and Bloom PRO

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