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Instant Compost Tea 3-2-2



We refer to this blend of micronized compost, soft rock phosphate, Alaska peat, crab meal, kelp, worm castings, bio-dynamic herbs and several other carbon compounds as “Compost Tea for beginners.” It requires no special equipment, or added materials. Just follow the basic mixing instructions for a high quality Compost Tea that cost less than one dollar per gallon. This simple process requires no filtering and no messy clean up.

Why Use This Product?

Using Living Stone Organic Compost Tea Blend:

  • Easy to use because it has all the foods and naturally occurring biology in the blend 
  • Provides beneficial bacteria for plants, microbes, amino acids and mycorrhizae.
  • Does not require an expensive or sophisticated tea brewer with bag system
  • All compounds are micronized to 300-500 mesh and will flow through a 80 mesh screen
  • Any tank with a aeration system, with a continual flow of air will do

How does it work?

The product has ample Prebiotic Materials made up of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Carbon Compounds that support the Probiotic biology; they create the environment for tremendous development of the soil food web natural ecosystem's population. The product will be either Bacterial dominated or Fungal dominated according to the brewing time. Bacterial Tea aerate for 12-24 hours, for Fungal Tea aerate 36-48 hours. Ambient temperature and water temperature effect outcome. Can be applied either be Injected, Fertigation or Foliar sprayed for protection of disease pathogens. Activates the natural Soil Food Web from the Probiotic; Beneficial Soil Bacteria, Mycorrhizae and Saprophytic Fungi, Protozoa and Nematodes predominately the aerobic families with wide diversity.

*1.0 lb mixed with 10 -20 gallons of water makes a concentrate.  Contact us for more details and a feeding protocol for your specific crop and growing situation


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