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Kelp Plus 1-0-2



Why Use This Product?
Using Living Stone Organic Kelp Plus:

  • This product is made from Dry Soluble Kelp Extracts, Compatible Carbons and Rooting Biota to build healthy plant roots
  • Provides beneficial bacteria for plants, microbes, amino acids and mycorrhizae.
  • The Soluble kelp is easily to use and is compatible with most liquid mixes.
  • Living Stone Organics’ Soluble Kelp Powdered Extract Plus with Spirulina and Rooting Biota: beneficial soil bacteria, microbes and fungi
  • It has been observed that Kelp increases the plants resistant’s to disease

How Does It Work?
The Soluble Powdered Kelp is compatible in all standard application methods from drip to foliar applications. Living Stone Organics’ Soluble Kelp (Sea plants (seaweed) is easily liquefied because it’s totally soluble. Our Dry Soluble Kelp material is user friendly and easy to apply, with quality to be proud of.

What causes these actions?
Living Stone Organic Kelp Plus, contains naturally occurring Gibberellins, Cytokines, Axons and natural wetting abilities:

  • Naturally occurring Gibberellins that creates loner enter nodding during the growth process
  • Naturally occurring Cytokines, that create an increase in bud break and strengthen existing buds
  • Naturally occurring Axon, that stimulates rooting hormones for a thicker root system

Living Stone Organic Kelp Plus is an important part of our unique Prebiotic Delivery System.

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