Nitro PRO (PRO Line) 10-3-8-7Ca-1Mg - Terra Biotics

Nitro PRO (PRO Line) 10-3-8-7Ca-1Mg


All inclusive water soluble powder for high growth and root development during the vegetative growth stage.  All macro-nutrients, micronutrients, mycorrhizae, saprophytic fungi and beneficial bacteria combined into one easy to use formulation.

Organic - suitable for use in the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) for organic crop production

Includes:  Amino Acids, humic acid, fulvic acid, cold water kelp, dozens of strains of microbiology for your roots, multiple sources of micronutrients and a robust combination of all nutrients that the plants need to build a strong root system and vibrant plant growth.

Provides beneficial bacteria for plants, microbes, amino acids and mycorrhizae to build healthy living soil, allow the nutrients to become in a form the plant can absorb, help the roots become more effective at absorbing the right nutrients at the right time for the plant.


Use only 12 grams per gallon of feed water. Feed twice a week.  

Mix the highly soluble powder into water and feed through almost any standard feeding system.  Can be used in any grow system with excellent results.  Suitable for drip, fertigation and foliar application.  

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