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Complete 4-2-5-3Ca-2S


Complete is an “all in one” product combining the super effective products: SeaStar, PKS & Cal, Crop Recycle and Soil Infusion. This combination is an excellent choice for many applications and will supply the diverse needs of any crop, orchard, garden or turf. Designed for easy application, this complex, concentrated, dynamic formulation provides more biology and carbon for maximum benefits. An excellent basic “stand alone” product for many applications.

Why Use This Product?

  • Provides the necessary base of carbon and nutrients to establish healthy biological activity.
  • Provides beneficial bacteria for plants, microbes, amino acids and mycorrhizae.
  • Healthy biological activity results in greater mineral and nutrient availability (less fertilizer needed).  Over 20 strains of beneficial soil bacteria and microbes
  • Increased biological activity creates warmer soil temperatures supporting early plant growth.
  • Soil structure and flocculation improve, resulting in better water retention/flood resistance.

How does it work?

Living Stone Complete (4 in 1) is a combination of our strongest specialty blends (Crop Recycle, SeaStar, Fish Alive, and Soil Infusion this complex blend is easy to use and activates and wakes up the biota already in the soil, because of the New Cultures and added Carbon. Complete creates a broad diversity and strengthens the naturally occurring soil organisms in the soil and suppresses any pathogenic organisms from propagating, because this blend has most biota than any of the other Living Stone Organic products alone. Creates aerobic zone in the surface horizons in the soil where roots can penetrate with ease. The greater the bioactivity the more insoluble fertilizer is resoluablized, such as P, K and Calcium. Test reveals 25% increase in nutrition that is available to the plant, because of a denser root mass. Additional Nitrogen derived from a Fish Powder that has a lot of amino acids necessary for plant growth, Whole Worm Castings (No animal mature fed to worm Bends), Soluble Kelp has natural Plant growth regulators, Mined Potassium sulfate, Soft Rock Phosphate and several other carbon compounds. Mycorrhizae fungi to build your root's ability to absorb nutrients.  Complete is very user friendly when Application Procedures are employed.

What causes these actions?

Applying Living Stone Complete (4 in 1) at the planting phase will re-establish and support healthy biological activity in the soil, creating a “jump start” to the early growth process. The carbon, biology and nutrients in this product are designed to recreate the Soil Food Web balance. This dynamic balance and combination Prebiotic ingredients that have naturally occurring biology such as; Cyanobacteria, Protozoa, and many strains of bacteria including Bacillus subtilis, Actinomyces, Nitro somas and Azospirillium, to name a few, several strains of Saprophytic and Mycorrhizae fungi. Our unique Prebiotic Delivery System consisting of complex carbon compounds, Humic or Fulvic acids, dried fish, proteins and carbohydrates. This mixture stabilizes and nourishes the biology while it becomes established allowing maximum sustainability. Prebiotics describes the nourishment that Probiotics consume to survive, grow and thrive. By providing the biology with this highly available food it insures the most dynamic outcome. Once the biology is established the Saprophlic and Mycorrhizae fungi are supplied with the nutrition they need in order to thrive and restore soil health.

What Does it Do?

  • An application of Living Stone Complete will re-establish and increase healthy biological activity in the soil.
  • Release locked up minerals and fertilizers into available forms (research indicates 25% more available).
  • A dynamic and balanced combination will provide most necessary nutrients to “jump start” plant growth.
  • Creates a healthy and vibrant Soil Food Web encouraging and strengthening and good root system.

An excellent basic “stand alone” product for many applications.

*1.0 lb mixed with 10 -20 gallons of water makes a concentrate.  Contact us for more details and a feeding protocol for your specific crop and growing situation

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